In the closet

Random shopping or the trend of the moment, the wrong color or wrong size, because we put on a few pounds or we are waiting for the diet to bring its results, often lead us to a closets full of clothes we have never used.

We always end up wearing the same clothes, the ones we feel confident in and that can fit to any occasion. What a bore! And what a waste!

Guess what? You will no longer stare at the open closet for hours thinking “I have nothing to wear”.


How it works

Through an accurate review of your closet, we will decide together which clothes to keep, which need to be adjusted and which you definitely need to get rid of.
 We will look at the pieces to create perfect combinations to be always at your best in every occasion.

We will find solutions to wear those clothes you haven’t been using and we will identify those you can’t give up to, also setting up a potential shopping list.

According to your needs both personal, professional, or recreational we will rearrange the space of your closet dividing the clothes by category, use and color.


How it works

We will see together what a Wardrobe Capsule is, which will be useful not only for your closet, but extremely effective when travelling.

We will give you simple guidelines to follow when preparing a luggage, to make sure you have the necessary clothes with you and that you know how to match them so you save some useless weight.

All the colors in your closet will be perfectly matched to each other, all easily combined and well suited to any occasion.

And don’t worry about your accessories! You will know how to use them in the best possible way and they will always match the proper outfit, ready to be used.

Long story short, you will learn to use 100% of your closet, with great savings time and money!


What you get

At the end of the closet analysis you will receive a detailed report with pictures of your clothes and indications about matching them following your personal style. 

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