Color analysis

Analyzing the color is the base of image consulting. Spotting your own colors, the colors of your eyes, hair and skin gives you the opportunity to recognize those that define you the most. Your facial features will stand out and be more balanced, enhancing tone and shape.


How it works

With the help of some coloured cloths next to your face we will see immediately if you belong to warm or cold colors.

We will then move to color space and intensity. Finally, we will see if the colors you belong to present contrasts or if they are rather uniform.


What is it for

Once we spot your personal palette it will guide you in choosing your outfits, clothes and accessories, hair color and make-up.

On the other hand, we will also see together how matching your face to the wrong colors would ruin your look and even highlight your flaws.

Even the choice of the accessories and jewelry that best enhance your complexion and the color of your eyes, will be based on the colors you belong to.

Finally, analysing your colors we will make sure that your closet will always have the perfect clothes for every occasion, because your colours will always be in harmony with each other and with you.

Learning about your colors will make your shopping fun, easy and efficient, it will bring you closer to clothes and colors that best enhance you and keep you away from those which do not.

We will also explore how small tricks will let you wear clothes you already have, and integrate those that do not belong to your color range.


What you get

At the end of the color analysis, you will receive your free color palette that you can always carry with you, to be sure not to run into wrong purchases.

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