Image Consultant Vicenza | Elena Beaupain

“My name is Elena Beaupain and as an Image and Style Consultant, my personal wish is to enhance your identity and let your style stand out.

Uniqueness and awareness give us the confidence to face every occasion successfully, both in our private lives and in our professional lives.”

Image Consultant Vicenza | Elena Beaupain

After many years of experience in the business, I am aware that passion is not enough to make a dream come true.

I decided to start a professional and intensive training program first at the MOODART school in Verona, and continued through specific, renowned and internationally recognized courses, taught by competent and highly qualified teachers at the Carla Gozzi’ Academy and at the Italian Image Institute, with whom I still collaborate.

My previous studies and professional choices took me to Asia for a few years where I had the opportunity to extend my perspectives and my knowledge, but most of all, to get in touch with the world of Beauty, my passion.

I got my degree in Oriental Languages and Literature when China was still little known. The streets were packed with bicycles, people used to wear the same uniform and censorship (still largely active today) kept this distant country even more far away from individual style, both geographically and culturally.

Anyway studying this culture was not enough for me. Thanks to a strong spirit of adaptation and a lot of courage, I decided to live there at different times, deepening on my studies and establishing professional local contacts which I have kept for about 20 years.

I was able not only to live these experiences but to face my fears and insecurities while challenging myself.

Once I finished my studies, I started working in the world of Beauty and professional aesthetics within the Asian market for an Italian company producing high-quality skincare.

Comparing such different cultures in this professional field gave me the opportunity to develop a broader vision of the world of beauty, not only made of fashions and trends, but rather designed to provide customized solutions to satisfy a desire for individuality.

Women dared to dye and change their hair from the usual black straight style to permed and with unlikely permed colored curls only in the most modern and developed cities of China, to break away from the common long, smooth, styled low ponytail hair.

There was a basic need for distinction and personality which created an open avenue from China to the outside world, which offered different models to replicate.

It was clear to me that the desire to be unique, to have our own character and style to uniquely express ourselves is universal.

I became more and more involved and interested in this aspect, realizing that the image I was giving of myself did not match with what I felt inside and that I wanted to share my true style.

I embarked on this journey with a fair amount of self-criticism and humanity led me to acknowledge that many of the things I had done so far were meant to satisfy someone else, that I wanted something different.

I decided to get back in the game, with all my knowledge and experience.
 It’ s a choice for myself to share this wonderful adventure with anyone who wants to learn how to rediscover themselves, highlight their personality and bring out their style.

Being a book enthusiast, I combine training and practice with the studying that help me to better understand fashion and its evolutions to get to know designers and icons that have shaped different eras and that still today have an important influence on the stylistic choices of fashion.



“Our image is how we are able to express who we are and what we want to share about ourselves.
 How many times have you given the wrong impression? An image that is not in line with your job, attitude, style or personality?”

We are all aware of how important the first impression is, those first 5 minutes! Often a job interview can result in negative feedback just because the dress you are wearing does not fit with your desired position or personality.

When the colors we wear are the right ones, they give us glow, they smooth wrinkles, fade dark circles, enlighten eyes, make our figure more balanced, and we can only feel more beautiful and confident.

And if we add these colors to a set of clothes and accessories that enhance our shape and hide some imperfections, then we can walk fearlessly into any room, from work to a social venue always feeling in the right place.

We are aware that every look we get is one of admiration and acceptance.

Our image is very important. Being always confident, with the right dress for the occasion and for ourselves is a business card that is worth as much as a resume full of great experiences, just as important as a firm and secure handshake. It says a lot about us, because often people judge a book by its cover.

Think of a politician, an actor, a singer or any celebrity. How much of their success is because of their image? How do they present themselves? 
We will learn to become aware of the meaning of what we wear and what it inspires in the people we meet. We will learn the shapes that best fit and enhance our body.

The excitement and awareness of finding out what our personal style is and what represents us the best shows who we really are!

Sometimes we just buy by emotions or trends, or the style of our fave celebrity, but very often that fashion or our idol do not represent us and we put together random stuff and colors that do not belong to us.

The fun of this game is discovering who we are, what our style is and saying it out loud, playing it and living it!

I will help you discover and bring out your personality and we will define the style that best reflects your winning look, that gives you confidence and class.

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