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Facial analysis will help us find out the proportions and shaping your face.
 We will see together how to highlight some of your distinctive features, and to adjust or hide any imperfections or asymmetries”

Facial and body analysis

And who knows? We could also find out that features you have always considered flaws can be beautiful instead and enhance your personality and highlight your uniqueness.

Shape and proportions of your face will tell us how to choose the size, style and shape of accessories like earrings and necklaces and they could also match your face where we want to enhance, hide or contrast.

Thanks to a facial analysis, we will also identify which types of necklines suit you the most, not only because they fit in with the shape of your face, but also to enhance your cleavage and your neck.

The seven face shapes are oval, round, square, diamond, heart, pear, and oblong.

Both glasses or sunglasses that will go along with the shape of your face. It will no longer be an inconvenient necessity as it is for many people, but instead it will now turn to an important and attractive accessory you can’t do without.

Being aware of your facial features is also important for a smart and targeted make up, to highlight you best contours and to reduce any possible imperfections.

Finally, we will be able to define the hairstyle, length, volume and hairstyles that best suit your face. The choice of high or low ponytail or a bun for example depend on the features of the profile.

Figure and Style

“Our analysis of your figure is meant to identify the typical shapes of your body. We will figure out together how to enhance your strengths and make your shapes harmonious – thanks to your physical and personal features which are strictly connected to your style and everyday life.”


What are your best physical attributes? Let’s find out together!

We will look at the lines and proportions of your body and we will learn how to use the correct matching of colors and styles of clothing, so that your shapes are perfectly harmonious with each other and with what you put on.

We will see which outfits best suit your body type and we will learn how to choose them. We will see together which lines and fabrics are best for your body.

We will also learn some tips and tricks to camouflage in case of critical spots.

Find out your style!

Over the course of our lives, our needs change as the time passes by: we age, but also we have different lifestyles, interests and goals. The awareness of ourselves takes on a different meaning.

Most of the time these changes occur in a natural and unconscious way and when that happens the way we present ourselves and appear may not reflect these changes and may not be in step with our growth.

This means that we give an inaccurate and often wrong and confusing picture of who we are or are becoming.

That’s why we will sit and talk so we can define the style you belong to or the style your life is leading you to, so that your image is in perfect harmony with your personality at every stage of your growth and evolution.

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