Image Consultant Vicenza

“Fashion Passes, Style Remains.”

Coco Chanel

Image Consultant Vicenza | Elena Beaupain

Image Consultant Vicenza | Elena Beaupain

Image Consultant Vicenza

“My name is Elena Beaupain and as an Image and Style Consultant, my personal wish is to enhance your identity and let your style stand out.
Uniqueness and awareness give us the confidence to face every occasion successfully, both in our private lives and in our professional lives.”


Color analysis

Analyzing the color is the base of image consulting. Spotting your own colors, the colors of your eyes, hair and skin gives you the opportunity to recognize those that define you the most. Your facial features will stand out and be more balanced, enhancing tone and shape.With the help of some coloured cloths next to your face we will see immediately if you belong to warm or cold colors. We will then move to color space and intensity. Finally, we will see if the colors you belong to present contrasts or if they are rather uniform.

Facial and body analysis

Facial analysis will help us find out the proportions and shaping your face.
 We will see together how to highlight some of your distinctive features, and to adjust or hide any imperfections or asymmetries.
And who knows? We could also find out that features you have always considered flaws can be beautiful instead and enhance your personality and highlight your uniqueness.

In the closet

Random shopping or the trend of the moment, the wrong color or wrong size, because we put on a few pounds or we are waiting for the diet to bring its results, often lead us to a closets full of clothes we have never used.
We always end up wearing the same clothes, the ones we feel confident in and that can fit to any occasion. What a bore! And what a waste!

Bridal Stylist

I will take you step by step through the most beautiful and important day of your life.
I will take care of all the details in this day so that you can realize the wedding of your dreams in line with the image you want to give your wedding, the location where the ceremony will take place and in absolute harmony with your personal style.

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